New designed and assembling know how:


  • 3 x increased light energy throughput over whole spectral range, 

  • provide stronger light energy intensity on the sensor, 
  • high spatial and spectral resolution in whole VIS & SWIR band.

Our company developed optical system design for high quality visual observations for long distance. System can be applied for high definition video surveillance on the land, sea and air, including piloted and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Technology calculated performance


SWIR camera T76-M1 specification

Linear resolution λ=530/1590 - 2.3/6.9 μm
Resolution - 0.25 km face recognition quality, 2 km small arms recognition quality, 3 km - man, 13 km – motorcar,  21 km - truck , 30 km - ship recognition quality
Input aperture: 76 mm
Aperture ratio: 3.66
Angular field of view: 3º.5
Spectral range: 450 – 1600 nm
Telescope size (D x L): 86 x 180 mm
Telescope weight: < 0.7 kg
Operating temperature range: -20°C up to +40°C
The T76-M1 is designed with optical glasses as well as coatings optimiZed for operation in the SWIR waveband.