OPTICAL CAMERAS FOR ADAS (Advanced driver assistance system) 


  • ability to perform in any whether conditions,
  • high resolution in long distances
  • high accuracy to be compatible with data analytics
Vehicle autonomy level increase require more detailed information:

In same time control systems have to fit in size and weight limitations that has core influence on fuel consumption.

HYREVISION Visual and Short Wave Infra Red optical systems has:

  • high resolution image in any whether and low light conditions,
  • high resolution at long distances
  • up to 10 x increased resolution and one camera to cover visual and Short Wave Infra Red bands
  • Screen display opportunities might open new insight into invisible by using long range VIS/SWIR camera

Future of flying vehicles is not far anymore and that means new challenges for assistance systems.

There is need to provide visibility through clouds and fog and distances for more than 20 km on flaying drone vehicle applications.

  • increased security
  • improved performance of assistance systems
  • low weight long range monitoring